I wnas’t able to psot for a lnog tmie bauecse I rletceny had so mnay tnghis to do.

I olny hvae one question: Waht cuotnry is cold and hot at the smae tmie?

A: Chile! (Get it? Chili and Chilly! Haha!)


Have you ever seen a paper plane fly for more than 20 seconds? (Try counting so you’ll know how long that is.) No? Never? Well, I have! And it flew so long that I had the time to get my cellphone and take pictures of it! (more…)

I want to show you some in-game screen shots of Crysis just so you could see how handsome the game could really get.

Take note – these are all in-game screen shots: (more…)


What have they done to that poor woman?

RE4 civilians

This horde of crazy farmers really want me dead.

I know the game is pretty ancient already, but it’s my first time to play the game in my PC. For those of you who have no idea what it is, it’s a third person, action-adventure, horror game which enables you to shoot, kick, slash, blow up, etc. enemies (note: this statement is meant to make you laugh. Haha) Ok, so there. The game is unlike previous Resident Evil games, where you’ll have to kill thousands of zombies. In RE 4 you’ll have to kill, not zombies, but thousands of crazy and wierdo civilians; well at least for the first part of the game. However, these civilians are really scary and powerful – shoot them five times in the head, and they’re still alive! That’s all I can say for now, because I have only started the game minutes ago.

Company of Heroes

Company of Heroes

Now, who would think that this game is not a first-person shooter game, but rather a real-time strategy game? (Other RTS games are, C&C: Generals, Tiberium Wars, Age of Empires, and Battle for Middle Earth 1 and 2.) Who would think? You would know of course, unless you don’t know what this game is.

Company of Heroes is developed by Relic Entertainment. Company of Heroes is set in WWII where players control brave soldiers to fight against the Nazis in the greatest war mankind has ever known.

For more screenshots click here.

Brown and Green
My latest Photoshop artwork. I call it ‘A bed of roses’ although it has nothing to do with the artwork. I call it ‘A bed of roses’ because it sounds nice. Well, it’s just a bunch of circles, so it’s not much. Maybe next time I’ll make something better.

Check out my new artwork (more…)