So this is not my ‘paintings page’. This page simply explains my paintings (because wordpress doesn’t allow me to post here!). For those of you who don’t know what NDS means, it means Nintendo Dual Screen. It’s a handheld gaming device that utilizes a touchscreen (everybody knows that). Well, I sometimes use my NDS (lite) to ‘paint’ or ‘draw’, and I call it ‘cyberpainting’. ‘Cyberpainting’ is practical because you wouldn’t have to use real messy paints to be able to create your paintings. You’ll just need to lift your stylus and pick the colors you’ll need right from the screen. However, I sometimes use real acrylic or watercolors to paint stuff if the textures are necessary and are relevant to the painting. (What am I saying?)

Here are three examples of my ‘cyberpaintings’

Three windows like the sky


A butterfly

Now, here is an example of my acrylic paintings

Bluebird in a cage

If you want to view the rest of my paintings, then kindly go to the PAINTINGS category.


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