This time, I’ll show you the draft of my new NDS cyberpainting I entitle “Three trees.”
This is the draft:
And this is my finished drawing:
Plants by the lake
I call this cyberpainting “Plants by the lake.” Used my NDS Lite to paint this. The background’s a lake and the white scribbles are the moon’s reflection.


This is another ‘cyberpainting’ painting I call Apple. I used mainly red and green to create this. It started as a round fruit, but I didn’t like it so I thought, “Why not transform it into an apple?” And it turned out well, didn’t it?

Bluebird in a cage
Now this is not a cyberpainting. I painted this on an old calendar page I found in our house in the province. This time, I used mainly blue and violet acrylic paint to create this nice-looking work of art.
You could be wondering why I entitled this ‘Bluebird in a cage.’ Then look at it closely. Now, what do you see?… That’s it! Now you know.
Click the image to see full view.

A Christmas tree

Christmas is 5 days from now, so I made this Christmas tree. This painting is for you! Feel the spirit of Christmas in our hearts…

A butterfly

I made ‘A butterfly’ using my NDS lite. The painting beautifully shows a yellow butterfly on a tree branch (for those of you who can’t see it clearly). A tree was added to the background to balance the painting.

It glows, cool

I entitled this one ‘It glows, cool’. I used primarily two contrasting colors to give that glowing look. And then I later put some purple lines to add more beauty to the painting. It glows, cool! I painted this using my NDS.

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