I wnas’t able to psot for a lnog tmie bauecse I rletceny had so mnay tnghis to do.

I olny hvae one question: Waht cuotnry is cold and hot at the smae tmie?

A: Chile! (Get it? Chili and Chilly! Haha!)


Napansin ko lang na… kahit na puro limerence lang ang sinusulat niya (more…)

I just attended our Adelfa reunion at Frances’ house (which is really huge and neat). It was a fun reunion. (more…)

I just noticed this quote in hackthissite.org that I find interesting:

So, school’s back after a month of Christmas vacation. And once again, I wore that same ol school uniform with matching watch and school id, and I looked at myself in the mirror. I look nerdy! Oh well, I think this is the start of another nerdy and stressful schooling – first day of school and we already have a homework (but an easy one, so no worries). And oh yeah, I got a new haircut! I transformed my hair from a long fuzzy caveman-themed hairstyle to a cool and clean army-cut. And it does look well with the uniform! Oh well, maybe I’ll just accept my fate and try to study hard (although I just can’t, and I don’t know why I can’t sleep early and wake up early!)

I won’t have time to write my New Year’s resolution after this so I’ll tell you now. Here we go, my New Year’s resolution is… (drum roll) (more…)

You might have been wondering where I had gone the last few days. Well, I stayed in the province to celebrate Christmas there. I have just come back this night. I’ll be staying here until Sunday so expect some new interesting posts.

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