Do you know why we feel a burning sensation when we eat chilli peppers? It’s because of the colorless crystalline alkaloid called capsaicin in the chili! Capsaicin is spread throughout the chili but it is concentrated mostly in the placental tissue of the chili.

So how does capsaicin make you feel the burning sensation?  Well, researchers at the University of California found out that capsaicin triggers a nerve ending called VR1, which is the same nerve ending that switches on when we’re feeling heat more than 110 degrees F.



GaberThe Father of Chemistry (according to many sources) is Jabir Ibn Haiyan also known as Geber, an Arab chemist who lived in the late 700’s. His major contributions on chemistry include the improvement of scientific techniques such as crystallization, sublimation, evaporation, and distillation. He is also well-known for discovering and synthesizing hydrochloric and nitric acids and minerals. Apart from these, he also developed a number of applied processes: preparation of various metals, dyeing of cloth, prevention of rusting, tanning of leather, and many more.


the science that deals with the composition and properties of substances and various elementary forms of matter.

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The Final Exam is coming. And Chemistry’s density is beginning to increase. It’s currently in its liquid form, but it will continue to lessen its entropy and transform into its solid state (hard). And I hope it does not become too solidified. Our exam is on Thursday this week I think.

I mean Chemistry usually undergoes an endothermic process, it absorbs heat from the surroundings, so it becomes cool. What else? In an endothermic process, q is positive in the equation q + w = E (q is heat, w is work, E is energy). Meaning in Chemistry, q is positive. (This doesn’t make much sense.)

Chemistry sometimes becomes hot. That’s the time when q is negative and the heat gets out from the system.

Chemistry is not boring because it has a lot of energy. A lot of kinetic energy, that is. A lot of kinetic energy that it has a high Entropy (disorder).

Chemistry increases its density during long exams. That is, it becomes hard. But, during discussions it becomes soft because it lessens its density.

Chemistry is colorful and fun. (That’s all I wanted to say.)