I am Prince, but usually I am shy. I am a student and I have a blog. I am currently living in the Philippines because I am not dead yet . I am happy with my life and I have no plans of killing myself. I study at Philippine Science High School, Main Campus, and as it name suggests it’s a science high school.

I am not bragging or anything, but I sing really well. And when I use our magic sing, I always get 60 or below, but that’s good because many people say that the magic sing favors people who don’t sing very well. I believe these people.

What else?

I like playing video games (who doesn’t?), and I usually play video games for at least 8 hours a day during my summer vacations. But during school years, I cut down my playing time to 7 hours and 30 minutes per day. Seriously.

Sometimes I’m a human being but usually I am a frog. Many say that my curse will never be broken no matter how many princesses kiss me. But it’s really fun being a frog, you know, you hop around, and the next thing you know is a pretty princess kisses you in the lips…

In other words, this is my personal information. Now, you know who I am.

Note: My sister’s site, http://kairocker.multiply.com might also interest you!


3 Responses to “I’m a frog. A 5-foot frog.”

  1. ang galing naman ng reasons mo…. or suggestion tungkol sa’yong life…
    anyway… nangangarap ka rin palang may magkagusto sa’yo kahit isa man lang… at least magiging proud ka at di napag-iiwanan… 😀

    hehe… wala akong magawa kundi ang maghanap ng periodic table of elements… malay ko ba… iba ang mood ko ngayon…

    anyways… basta… may reason kung bakit ko kelangan ang periodic table of elements… di para kbisaduhin or whatever… mahalaga lang… 😀

    yun lang… comment ka rin sa blog ko… 😀 para bawi…

    j0j0 ’09

  2. trishia Says:

    hi prince :D…. nice paintings.. 😀

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