My parents have just bought our PC’s video card yesterday, so I’ve only been able to play Crysis today at its almost highest settings, DX10 (I have Vista), 1024X768 resolution at a smooth frame rate!(Heheheh! Cough) Anyway, here is some pictures of my video card and some of my Crysis pictures. Oh, also, GeForce 8800 GTS (640 mb) isn’t available in the market anymore, so we bought a GeForce 8800 GT Super+ (1024 mb) instead. Yeah, it’s got more video RAM!

Here’s my video card

Here are my Crysis screenshots:

My name’s in this one (the white text after all the red text):

PS: Crysis is so hard (even if you’re with a nano suit and all)! I’m stuck in a jungle near the river and water falls, and I’m supposed to go to the excavation site. Could anyone please help me!