Have you ever seen a paper plane fly for more than 20 seconds? (Try counting so you’ll know how long that is.) No? Never? Well, I have! And it flew so long that I had the time to get my cellphone and take pictures of it!

There, above the trees. That’s a paper plane!
Still flying.
And, slid down on the grass. dsc00124.jpg
The guy looking for the paper plane here is Jojo, my friend.
About the maker of the cool paper plane:
Jojo, my friend, has just received a cool bronze medal for getting the third place in the recent Math Intersection in our school, in the team category. Way to go! Jojo! (Woah! It rhymes!)
Hey! Blowout! (Joke lang)
Nice medal you got there!
See what I mean. It wasn’t just any paper plane. (I just can’t say what I really want to say. But I guess you get the point.)