I just attended our Adelfa reunion at Frances’ house (which is really huge and neat). It was a fun reunion. At first, we sang songs in the Extreme Magic Sing – fun! And then we played a game of ‘Twister,’ which was really hard and tiring (at one point I thought I was going to break my legs coz the game’s twisting me so much) but still, the game was addictive and enjoyable. And then, we ate our dinner – KFC and Yellowcab I think with coke for drinks. And we continued to sing some songs (Julius and Jombo were awesome – they made the party lively).

But I had to go home early because I’d go with my family to either Mall of Asia or Trinoma tomorrow to celebrate my father’s birthday which is today!) And oh yeah, happy birthday Guia!

I would like to thank Timmy, Frances, Sir Segarra (our adviser!), and the whole Adelfa people for the nice reunion. It was awesome guys!