It was an average morning. I woke up in my bed at around 11:00 am; I know, it was pretty late. I quickly got up and rearranged my pillows on top of the bed. I walked toward the dinner table and saw my mother washing the dishes in the sink. My father was at work while my younger sister was at school. I was the only one spending an early Christmas vacation. There on the dinner table was our average breakfast: scrambled eggs, fried tilapia, and the usual steaming white rice. I looked at my mother and saw her smiling face, but I noticed she tried to hide it from me. “What’s the problem, mom?” I asked. She answered while scrubbing one of the plates using our Joy dish washing liquid with a simple, “What?”

I have finished eating my breakfast, and I put my plate in the sink. And as usual, after I took a bath, I played some computer games. I first played Battle for Middle Earth 2, which I had just installed the previous day. While playing the Good Campaign, I heard my mother’s footsteps come closer so I paused the game. She showed me a box covered with a red and green Christmas wrapping. “Mom, what’s that?” I asked. “I and your dad kind of thought that maybe you should receive your Christmas gift now.” she replied. I couldn’t hide my happiness when I heard this. “Open it now.” my mother told me.

I literally, say destroyed, the wrap off. And when I glimpsed at the words iPhone, I was as happy and excited as ever. “Really?!! For me?!!” I yelled. “Yes. We know how much you wanted an iPhone, so we decided to buy you one, now that we have the money.” she answered. I was so excited I yelled and cried around our small condominium. I was so happy at that time. <–

I quickly opened the box, and there it was! The iPhone, I had been dreaming for. It was such a lovely phone. It had so much features besides its multi-touch capability and high resolution screen. The iPhone is the latest gadget anyone would crave for.

I thanked my mother for giving me such a gift. I didn’t expect it would really happen. After testing some of its features, I put it on a small table near our computer. Then something very weird happened. The whole place turned very dark, even though it was still 11:00 as I’ve said earlier.

I woke up from my sleep at around 10:30. This time, I was really awake. I immediately stood up from my bed and stared at the small table near our computer. The iPhone wasn’t there. Thinking that I may have put the iPhone elsewhere, I asked my mother about it. She replied, “Don’t worry, we might buy you an iPhone in December, next year.” This moment, all my happiness and excitement vanished. I realized that I didn’t really have an iPhone. It was all a dream.