Currently, I am playing Need for Speed Underground 2. For those of you who do not know what it is (impossible), it’s a fun racing game published by EA, which features true to life cars like Toyota’s Celica (my current car), Mazda Miata mx-5, Honda civic (our real life car), and so much more. SUV’s like the Lincoln Navigator and Hummer are also present in the game. Unlike the original Need for Speed Underground, NFSU2 offers a free-roam career mode, which allows the player to move around Bayview City. Players enter a race by moving into ‘race spots’ that are scattered throughout the city. Also, more places are unlocked as the game progresses. However, various modes that are present in the original Underground are also present in Underground 2.

Check out some of my NFSU2 screenshots:

Honda Civic

My Honda Civic


My Toyota Celica, flying.

My Lincoln Navigator.