I attended a Christmas party this day, with people I didn’t know. At first, I was so shy to meet them, but once I got to talk to them for a few minutes, we quickly kind of became friends. Two of the people I met were Kris and Karil. Both of them were only 16 years of age, but they are already in their first year of college; and not in just any college. They are studying at the University of the Philippines, Diliman. We talked about our studies. And when I told them I study at Philippine Science High School, Diliman, they were shall I say, amazed. At around 6 o’clock, we ate our food (my family). It was such a fun party, considering that there were only about twenty of us who attended. We played some traditional games, and the like. Average party stuff. But it wasn’t the games and food that made an impression on me. I felt that the party was great because through it, I got to know a lot of people, and I liked it. Also, I found out that meeting new people is a good brain training.