Splinter Cell Chaos Theory PosterTom Clancy’s: Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, is a third-person stealth game set in mid 2007 developed and published by Ubisoft. In the game, you play as Sam Fisher, an agent working for United State’s National Security Agency.

I have finished the game once and it was a totally new experience for me. Before every mission, the player is given a set of cool gadgets which are really fun to use (especially the shocker) , such as the sticky shocker (to incapacitate enemies or civilians), the sticky camera, your pistol, and your assault rife, apart from your ‘vision goggles’ that allow you to view the environment in three different ways. Aside from the cool gadgets, what makes SCCT addictive is your ability to manipulate people (civilians or enemies). There was one time when I have used 30 minutes just to kill the same civilian over and over again in different ways like dropping him from a high building, electrocuting him while in water, drowning him, throwing him in a hole, breaking his back, and I forgot the rest. Play it, I’m not fooling you. It’s really good. And, hey SCCT has won a couple of awards too like game of the year for Xbox 360 and best stealth game.