I took these screenshots from none other than the best-looking game in the world – Crysis! I used Fraps to take these, and the yellow numbers on the upper left corner of each picture are the game’s framerates. Here are the settings that I use: 1280 X 768 resolution,all set to very high except shadows (set to medium), and texture detail (set to high), and no AA. The screenshots are in .jpg format – that’s why they don’t look very clear.

Click each picture for a larger view.

My parents have just bought our PC’s video card yesterday, so I’ve only been able to play Crysis today at its almost highest settings, DX10 (I have Vista), 1024X768 resolution at a smooth frame rate!(Heheheh! Cough) Anyway, here is some pictures of my video card and some of my Crysis pictures. Oh, also, GeForce 8800 GTS (640 mb) isn’t available in the market anymore, so we bought a GeForce 8800 GT Super+ (1024 mb) instead. Yeah, it’s got more video RAM!

Here’s my video card

Here are my Crysis screenshots:

My name’s in this one (the white text after all the red text):

PS: Crysis is so hard (even if you’re with a nano suit and all)! I’m stuck in a jungle near the river and water falls, and I’m supposed to go to the excavation site. Could anyone please help me!

As a hardcore PC gamer, my life wouldn’t be complete without a high-end PC that could play every game, including Crysis, at its full glory. And tomorrow, I’ll buy the latest PC available in the market, and my life will be completed at last! Finally I’ll be able to play this beautiful game at it’s maximum settings:


Here are the specs of the computer I’ll buy:

  • 2 Gigabytes RAM
  • Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
  • 250 Gigabytes HD
  • nVidia GeForce 8800 GTS
This time, I’ll show you the draft of my new NDS cyberpainting I entitle “Three trees.”
This is the draft:
And this is my finished drawing:
Plants by the lake
I call this cyberpainting “Plants by the lake.” Used my NDS Lite to paint this. The background’s a lake and the white scribbles are the moon’s reflection.


This is another ‘cyberpainting’ painting I call Apple. I used mainly red and green to create this. It started as a round fruit, but I didn’t like it so I thought, “Why not transform it into an apple?” And it turned out well, didn’t it?

I’ll just compare the graphics of two of the current best-looking first-person shooters: Call of Duty 4 and Crysis:

How people look in Crysis:


How people look in CoD 4:

How explosions look in Crysis:

(I’m not sure if it’s in-game coz it looks pretty awesome)

How explosions look in Call of Duty4:

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I olny hvae one question: Waht cuotnry is cold and hot at the smae tmie?

A: Chile! (Get it? Chili and Chilly! Haha!)

Have you ever seen a paper plane fly for more than 20 seconds? (Try counting so you’ll know how long that is.) No? Never? Well, I have! And it flew so long that I had the time to get my cellphone and take pictures of it! (more…)

I want to show you some in-game screen shots of Crysis just so you could see how handsome the game could really get.

Take note – these are all in-game screen shots: (more…)